IN 2007  Tijeras, New Mexico

  1. Our First Annual NM Youth Day Rodeo back in 2007
    Our First Annual NM Youth Day Rodeo back in 2007
    In 2006, Prime Time hosted it's first New Mexico Youth Day Rodeo and man we had over 400 children and their families participate. Our hope is to bring the official rodeo back for the kids at no cost to the kids.
    Man these kids had a wounderful time competing for the "GOLD" and if you would have seen this event I guarantee your heart would be filled with joy.
  3. 3on3 Basketball Tournament
    3on3 Basketball Tournament
    The ballers of New Mexico had a blast balling in the rain in our frist ever free event.
    Johnathan Davenport and Ms. Shelby testified before the 2007 NM legislator's session requesting a special day for all children in New Mexico. Our goal is to take this special national. Won't you join us in these efforts?
  5. Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
    What a joy it was to have our very own Former Lt. Governor Diane Denish cut the ribbon for the first official NM Youth Day. It was a delight having her assist us to kick off tthe first official New Mexico Youth Day Celebration...
  6. Statewide Talent search
    Statewide Talent search
    Here we are hanging out in Gallup, NM to to hosting the talent search at the CYFD Protective Servicers Department. Thank you CYFD for giving us this opportunity and for supporting our children. We also like to thamk Senator Linda M. Lopez for sponsoring SB977 back in 2007 to help us get funding for our Statewide Talent Search.
  7. Shelby Bring's Joy
    Shelby Bring's Joy
    Ms. Shelby playing her skills on her guitar for former State Representative Dan Ferley during a break from the 2007 State of New Mexico legislation Session.
    I can't say enough about these strong men who volunteer their personal time to give back to the kids. Thank you for strong men for being positive role models.
  9. "Bounce, Bounce, Bounce away...!
    "Bounce, Bounce, Bounce away...!
    The kiddos really enjoyed this olympic game event as they raced to the end. Boy, were they excited to compete in this Olympic event! Bounce, bounce, bounce it's a kids thing....
  10. Organizer Keefe Ricks
    Organizer Keefe Ricks
    Here you see Mr. Keefe Ricks, organizer of NM Youth Day finally get a chance to rest as he was amazed of the skills of these young rodeo participants...!
  11. THE GOLD
    Photo of all the winning contestants for the 2007 NM Youth Day Olympics. Great job! And thank you to all the contestants who competed as well...!
    County Manager Julie Baca played a huge part in our success putting on our first ever NM Youth Day. Thank you Bernco...!

Many said it couldn't be done, but we did it. Many said we wouldn't get funded, but it happened.  Now they say we'll never get a special day for our nation's  kids, we're on our way!

Keeping their dreams alive..!


Teamsters 492​​

      At Prime Time, our dream is to recognize children from all walks of life for their achievements.We want to create a national holiday where we can celebrate the youth and their accomplishments each year. The special day would be recognized on the first Saturday of Augusts each year. Our first youth day was held locally in August of 2000. In 2007, our Legislators offically named the first Saturday in August,"The New Mexico Youth Day." It will be only a matter of time before our dream of celebrating children is a national reality
We would like to give a special thanks to the following individuals for their ungoing support of the youth in our community!! 

Keeping the dream alive!

Tenadia & Leasia Ricks

Genaro Tafoya

Tekisha Younger

Tenadia giving her daughter a hug after graduating from  the Medical Assistant program at PIMA . She is currently a Medical Assistant at the Heart Hospital of Albuquerque.  She also has  a certificate of completion  as a license hair stylist which uses to do hair in her spare time. Tenadia's daughter Leasia keeps her busy. When she is not working Tenaida is spending time with Leasia and helping her reach her dreams. We are so proud of Leasia, she is  following  in her mother's footsteps in becoming a hard working member of society. Leasia wants to become a police officer one day.  Leasia above on the right  enjoys dancing, singing , and also noticing her surrounding. This girl has skills! We are so proud of both of you!!
We are so blessed to have someone who always willing to take the time out of his busy schedule for the kids in the neighborhood. Mr. Tofaya helps anyone who is in need of assistance. Mr. Tafoya volunteers a lot of his time for the city bike repair organization here in Albuquerque, NM. Father of two, he knows a thing or two about helping your neighbors and watching out for the kids in the neighborhood. Genaro is also always willing to go the extra mile to see someone smile.

Thank you "G".

We are so proud of Tekisha! She is someone who gives her all as a Mom, Soccer Mom, Community Supporter in Rio Rancho, all while  holding down a full time job as a pharmacy tech. But, what stands out the most about Tekisha is, that  she is always willing to do what it takes to ensure  that all  kids are  recongnized for the positive things they' are doing in the community. 
  1. Sue Wilson Beffort
    Sue Wilson Beffort
    Senator Sue Wilson Beffort was able to show her support and co-sponsor our bill on the republican side. This was one thing all parties could agree on when it came down to the kids of New Mexico. Thank you Senator Wilson!
  2. Bill Richardson
    Bill Richardson
    We want to give a very special thanks to former State of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for not only signing charter HB 363, but for also allowing us to receive the funding we needed to kick start one of our NM Youth Day Celebrations. Again we would like thank Mr. Bill Richardson for supporting the vision for all New Mexico kids!
  3. Harrit I. Ruiz
    Harrit I. Ruiz
    Former State of New Mexico Representative Harrit I. Ruiz was the first and only legislator to get us funding when all odds was against while we were competing with larger programs for funding. It just goes to show that God will always take care of his children. Thank you, Representative Ruiz, for getting us the funding we needed while we were just beginning our journey as a small non-profit organization.


Prime Time Youth Council Leaders

  1. Leasia Ricks
    Hello everybody as you know my name is Leasia and I just finished Pre-K and now heading into kindergarten next year. I'm so excited to be going into kindergarten. I'd like to become a police offers when I grow up, and look forward to going to college when I graduate from High school. Some of my hobbies are playing soccer, dancing, play acting, and playing with my baby dolls.
  2. Elijah L. Clayton
    Hi my name is Elijah. I am going to the 3rd grade. I am a B+ student. My goal for this upcoming school year is to become an A+ student. I know that I can reach this goal if I apply myself and with the help of my parents. This young man is a joy to have on our team. I have lots of great ideas and I want to become a lobbyist for Prime Time some day.
  3. Amia Younger
    Hello, my name is Amia Younger. I am 14 years old and attend Eagle Ridge Middle School as a 8th grader. In a few weeks I will finally be done with middle school and will attend Cleveland High School (GO STORM!!!). I am a 4.0 student and planning to keep it that way all the way throughout college. I want my future career to be a robotics engineer. My second career choice is becoming a lawyer. I enjoy playing soccer and reading and I also enjoy working with Prime Time bringing positive event for us kids.
  4. Yawana Ragin
    I am a 17-year-old junior at Volcano Vista High School. I’ve played many sports throughout my life such as basketball and softball but my favorite was soccer which I played for 11 years. Sadly, I don’t play anymore so that I could move onto bigger and better things such as being in a Practical Nursing Program at the Career Enrichment Center where I will graduate high school being an LPN. In addition to going to school at Volcano and being in the LPN program, I also work part time at Chick-fil-A. I love to work with kids and teach them new things which is why I volunteer in the Toddler’s Ministry at my church, Fellowship. After high school, I plan on working part-time as an LPN in the pediatric unit at UNMH while being a full-time student at UMN to major in nursing and get my BSN. After college, I would like to be a neonatal nurse at UNMH.

Alon Shandel

Henry Hoff

I'm Alon. I am a husband and father of two young boys. I enjoy spending quilty time teaching my boys the vaule of growing up to be all they can be . I believe that you can be what ever you set your mind to be  if you work hard and don't give up, even when it looks as if your not going anywhere.  I became part of the Prime Time team because I want to help the youth focus on their education and continue to reach their dreams. 
 Hello, I'm Henry. I have served on the Prime Time board for over six years . I also  serve as a cosultant for  the organization. My list of accompIishment include,  a certification as a educator to run the entire State of  NM school system. I improved  city wide standards, and I have a  huge place in my heart for children. I am excited to be a part of organization such as Prime Time that is trying to make history for our children.